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Time to get started, I suppose. First off, this probably won't be a daily blog style, more of a post as I can due to my schedule, but hopefully it'll give you a nice taste of the meals and desserts I've happily grown up with. As well as learning the ropes of how to work the blog...Be on the lookout as I'm sure formatting will continue to change.I hope to use this as a place to share some good recipes with others and learn to improve upon my own cooking skills! After all, the best way to learn is by doing, correct? As an Occupational Therapist I will say, it is important to engage in occupations that we find interesting and meaningful to help improve our everyday quality of life! It just so happens, for me, I am interested in cooking/baking, and writing (So kill two birds with one stone here!). With that all said, I welcome you here, and hope you can find a recipe or two that you throughly enjoy (and can put your own spin on). Happy food hunting :)

June 19, 2011

Baked Breaded Porkchops

As I mentioned before, growing up in a farm area pork was a big thing there. However, even before moving to Ohio, a family recipe that generally everyone enjoyed was baked and breaded pork chops! Just the smell of them cooking is enough to make my stomach start to growl, even if I didn't think I was originally that hungry. And, per usual, my mom always had a quick and simple recipe that made beautiful pork chops that were quite delicious! So, of course I had to call her up and get the recipe! So here I will present to you baked and breaded pork chops with mashed potatoes and glazed apples! Sorry that the picture quality isn't up to par, again it's taken from my webcam haha.
Pork chops:
pork chops
Italian seasoning (opt)

Mashed Potatoes

For porkchops preheat oven to about 350 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and set aside. In a medium bowl add an egg and about a tsp or two of water and beat together. On a paper plate make your breading mixture. I used plain bread crumbs but you can use italian seasoned bread crumbs too. Pour the breadcrumbs onto the plate and mix in salt, pepper, and italian seasoning to your liking. Make sure it's well blended. Next dip your porkchop into the egg mixture and coat it evenly then dip the coated porkchop into the breadcrumb mixture until evenly coated once more. Set on your cookie sheet and repeat with second porkchop. **please note that this recipe is meant for two porkchops so adjust ingredient amounts as needed** With porkchops ready to be baked put in the oven for about 15 mins. After the 15 minutes spray the top of the porkchops with cooking spray and flip them over, cooking for another 15 minutes or so. Cut into the meat and make sure that it is cooked through. If still red/pink cook another 5 minutes or so and check again until finished cooking.

For the mashed potatoes peel and cube your mashed potatoes and put them in the pot. Fill the pot with water until the potatoes are covered. Add a little salt to the water, cover the pot and bring to a boil. Continue to cook the potatoes about 20-25 mins or until very tender. Drain the mashed potatoes and return to pot. Add about 1/2 cup of milk and a tsp or tbsn of butter and mash together. Add a bit of garlic or garlic powder and mix in well.

I've already given the recipe for the apples: glazed apples

Final Thoughts
So there you have it. Serve it all up and enjoy! My roommate and I certainly enjoyed the dinner! It's quick and simple. Really only took me about 45 mins to an hour to make, and I was doing little things between while I waited for the meat and potatoes to cook. I suggest making the apples last so that they remain warm. If you want some veggies try adding a mandarin orange salad instead of the apples or even some seasoned broccoli. It certainly will be a good homecooked meal to remember! Another favorite way my mom used to make them is to put the porkchops on top of a bed of stuffing and dried cranberries! Adds some nice flavor! Hope you enjoy! Happy eats! =D

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